4 Great Racing Tips

4 Great Racing Tips

Horse racing is and has always been the game of the masses. From the ordinary working man to a high class executive, one can see both of them shouting their lungs out in the track as far as racing is concerned.

For lovers of the game,there are a few tips that can surely make their games more exciting for these tips are geared towards winning.

Tip #1 – Asses the Running Style

Players should take note of horses that seem to run at the back of the pack suddenly make a quick dash for the front. These horses can be classified as “late bloomers” for they tend to perform better in the faces that follow. Some compare this to the process of warming up a car. The longer the car is warmed up, the better it would perform later on. In a varied way, when a horse that usually goes to the lead at the start of the pack suddenly shows a lag in the race shows that the horse may have had previous bad races and is not ready for the current or next one.

Tip #2 – Understanding the Heart Factor

Some may say that this tip is a lot of baloney. The “heart” factor is when the horse seems to be giving it all that it can give from the race. Experienced commentators usually call the horse as a horse that gave a “good effort” or gave “its all”. These are good signs that the horse is indeed preforming at its peak and that it can be seen as an upcoming winner. Horses that have many cases of these “heart” races are seen as favorites in most races.

Tip #3 – Watching out for trouble Comments such as “recently checked” or “needed more room” or “stumbled” are indications that the horse was not given the proper space to show its true form and speed. This could have happened when the horse was boxed in by the group. and could not find a way out. More often than not, it is not the fault of the horse. Horses like these are to be watched in the next few races for they show promise.

Tip #4 – Jockey changes Not all jockeys ride the same. In certain cases, the trainer would change the jockeys often in a race. This means that the team desperately wants a win. Players who see this can make the bets accordingly and know when to back off. Experienced jockeys that ride horses are given stronger confidence while the lower experienced ones are not given much riding time. Players who watch the changes will know that when the jockeys change, there is another strategy behind it. The premise is experienced jockeys plus seasoned horse equals a very good winning chance.

Every player loves racing tips and everyone wants to get ahead in the game. Horse racing requires a keen eye and a quick mind so that changes that are made can be taken advantage of right away.