Aliens Online Pokie

Aliens Online Pokie

Made by Net Entertainment, Aliens is a game that will certainly revolutionize the online gaming industry and take your gaming experience to a new level.

Ever since the first online title was introduced, the overall approach to pokies remained the same. Depending on the choice of developer, player would come across different prizes and themes, but that was pretty much it.

The age of monotonous features and never changing reel systems came to an end a couple of years ago when investors started using popular franchises as their game titles. As the popularity of online pokies grew, so did the demand for new game titles, innovations and cutting edge graphics. But even with so many games, not many stood out until Aliens pokie was introduced. Made by Net Entertainment, Aliens is a game that will certainly revolutionize the online gaming industry.

Aliens and its superb graphics and animations take your gaming experience to a new level. Do not feel surprised if you end up playing it for hours. For players who seek more than fun and amazing graphics, NetEnt made awesome combos which can bring huge prizes. Get ready to get involved in the most entertaining combination of pokie and role-playing game that will take you to the farthest corners of the galaxy to fight aliens and save the human race.

Aliens – Bets And Prizes

Whether you are a casual player, a serious pokie player or a high-roller betting big, Aliens offers a wide betting range fit for all players. This 5 reels 15 pay lines game does not have a progressive jackpot, a feature which many find appealing, but it does offer smaller but more often prizes. Most inexperienced players do not know that progressive jackpots usually have higher RTP, while smaller prizes will probably leave you with a hefty amount of money on your account at the end of your session.

Betting with Aliens is quite simple – coin sizes range from 0.01 AUD up to 1 AUD. The game requires that you play all 15 lines each spin and a 10-coin limit per line is included. This means that 0.15 AUD is the lowest amount for playing Aliens. The highest amount per spin is 150 AUD.

Still, as you move further through the game, multipliers get bigger which means that prizes get bigger, too. When you play Aliens in a regular game, the biggest jackpot it 90.000 coins (90.000 AUD at minimum stake). But if you are a high-roller, you should probably want to know that the biggest payout is 570.000 (570.000 AUD at maximum stake). We should also mention that return to Player on Aliens is 96.4%.

Aliens – Gameplay And Features

Aliens feature amazing gameplay, a flawless combination of old-school classic pokies and modern RPG games. Breathtaking graphics, cinematic sounds and animations create an eerie atmosphere that will leave you speechless.

You will also notice that the Wild symbol replaces all other symbols in order to help you create the highest winning combination. Aliens have three levels, all of which feature different prizes. Level 1 is a casual gameplay where you spin reels and collect prizes for winning combinations. Activity meter is placed in the upper part of the screen and it measures the amount of collected bonuses.

When the meter is full you move on to level 2. There you get a chance to spin reels to survive (naturally, wins bring money).

Level 2 gets a bit harder because you need to reach the hive and kill the Queen. Previously collected bonuses kick in for the matching symbols which make winning combinations more valuable. If you want to get enough ammo to fight off the Alien attacks, you need to keep winning. If you get killed you are sent back to Level 1.

When you kill all Aliens you reach Level 3 and the Hive. Here you are separated from the Queen with four steps. Each carries a special cash reward. After you kill the queen, you are sent back to Level 1 with all winnings on your account.

We guarantee that Aliens will become your favorite online pokie as soon as you get your hands on it. It does not matter if you are looking for breathtaking graphics, huge jackpots or an entertaining game, Aliens has everything in one place.