Keno Overview

Keno Overview

Keno is good fun to play if you don’t really want to think about strategy and just want to gamble and see if luck is on your side. We explain the rules below and provide a bit of advice for playing as well. We also recommend some casinos that we find to be among the best for playing keno.


The rules of keno are as simple as the game itself. Cards containing the numbers 1 – 80 are used, and you pick between one and fifteen of these numbers to bet on. When the game starts, 20 numbers are drawn randomly. If any of the numbers you have bet on are drawn, it’s known as a catch. You are paid out based on a combination of how many numbers you chose to bet on originally and how many catches you got. The payout rates vary depending on where you are playing. The more numbers you bet on, the more catches you need to earn a payout. For example, if you pick 5 numbers, then you’ll usually need at least 3 catches to get money back. If you pick 10 numbers, then you’ll probably need 5 catches to get a win.

The fewer numbers you pick, the higher your payout rate will be. If you pick 5 numbers and get 5 catches, you could be paid anywhere between 600 and 700 to 1. If you pick 10 numbers and get 5 catches, you may only be paid out at 2 to 1. It’s a good idea to always check the payout rate before deciding how many numbers you want to pick so you know exactly how much you can potentially win.


Keno is really meant to be simple gambling fun, and it should be treated as such. It’s just about deciding how much to risk and making decisions accordingly. The only thing that you can do to possibly increase your return in the long run is play where payout rates are more favorable.